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U.S.Economy: an infrastructure package to support the recovery [#ExpressEco]


In the past 18 months, the US congress authorized more than 25% of GDP in spending to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

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When Should You Consider Engaging A Third Party Debt Collection Service for Your Business?


The settlement of debts owed by either another company or an individual is a common challenge that businesses often experience. Debt collection can be a complex and highly involved process. It is time-consuming, especially if the debtor refuses to cooperate. Therefore, it makes sense to consider leveraging the services of a third-party debt collector.

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Coface achieves record net income of €67.7m in the third quarter


Turnover of first nine months: €1,158m, up +7.9% at constant FX and perimeter, and up +8.9% in Q3-2021

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Barometer Q3 2021: Supply chain and inflation headwinds hamper the global recovery


As the Covid-19 situation begins to improve, notably with the implementation of vaccination campaigns, there has been a rebound in consumption, particularly in developed countries. For emerging countries, the economic recovery is benefiting export-oriented countries, but service-dependent economies are lagging behind. Read our in-depth analysis in our latest Country and Sector Risk Barometer.

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Environmental risk is key to business strategy [#ExpressEco]


Coface’s Country Risk Assessment model now includes an environmental indicator. Our Economist Melina London explains how it works.

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