First Brazilian Corporate Payment Survey 2016


Payment experience affected by the bleak economic scenario.
75% of interviewed companies received payment extensions requests from their clients;

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Uberisation of French economy: a positive impact on employment but will it last?


Taxi company insolvencies in France increased by nearly 60% in one year, rising from 141 cases in August 2015, to 224 at the end of August 2016 and resulting in the loss of 3.38 jobs on average (...)

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South Africa’s economy challenged by crises in agriculture and mining, amid fears of an investment downgrade


Concerns over the country’s economic performance have been amplifying, due to its prolonged economic decline since 2011 (...)

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After a series of shocks in 2015 and 2016, Turkey’s economy is coming to the end of its new “Tulip era”


Greater political uncertainty resulting from two parliamentary elections in 2015, drying global liquidity due to the US Federal Reserve’s rate hike process and the weaker Turkish lira, all contributed to dragging down growth.

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Poland Payment Survey: Payment delays pervade Polish corporates


Coface’s payment survey confirms that sales on credit are being extensively used by Polish companies. Although credit periods have become common practice, it does not mean that receivables are being paid on time.

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Infografics - 2017: An economic upturn in the face of political risk


Four major risks for 2017 but some positives points...

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  • The Export Council of Australia (ECA) is the peak
    Industry body for the Australian export community.

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  • Veda is the largest credit reference agency in Australia and New Zealand. It provides credit reporting, credit scoring, and marketing analytics services.

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    It includes three essential elements to ensure effective management of the credit you grant your customers:

    1. Information and advice to avoid trading with bad payers
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    3. Indemnification should collection take too long or fail


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