About Coface

A Worldwide Leader



  •     Experts in business risk
  •     Protection against unpaid receivables
  •     Security for worldwide sales
  •     Financial strength
The Group contributes to the proper functioning and sustainable businesses of all sizes, development, and dissemination of trust between economic actors in the countries where these companies and their customers are located.



1- Experts in business risk

Coface is a global leader in credit insurance and a recognised expert in commercial risks in over 200 countries where it secures daily sales for more than 50,000 companies.


2- Protection against unpaid receivables

80% of companies face having their accounts in arrears and this is shown to cause a quarter of bankruptcies. One of the primary missions by the experts at Coface is to protect companies against these arrears that can undermine their business and threaten their future.


3- Security for worldwide sales

As the Coface Group increases its international reach, it proves to be a strong contributor to the business development of our clients’ around the world. Every day, 660 underwriters provide 10,000 reference decisions that guarantee the security of our clients’ businesses.


4- Financial strength

Being rated AA- by Fitch and A2 by Moody's with a stable outlook by both, Coface has the financial strength and reputation necessary to provide its clients the business confidence and security they need. These two positive assessments by the ratings agencies are based on three key drivers:

  •     Coface’s strong competitive position in the global credit insurance market;
  •     robust group solvency equity; and
  •     the proactive management of Coface’s risks (founded on efficient procedures and tools).

 Coface was listed on the Euronext Market in 2014 with Natixis (bank financing, management and services arm of BPCE, the second French banking group) as a majority shareholder.


Managing your credit insurance at the global level

Coface currently has a presence in 100 countries, either directly or via strategic partnerships and provides cover for its clients across approximately 200 countries. Coface relies on its own international network – the Coface Partner Network – consisting of strategic international partners with additional partners brought in as needed.
Coface can provide its credit insurance solution in all of these countries enabling businesses to cover their subsidiaries too via one single contract.

Countries where Coface has its own offices or an indirect presence through partners for the distribution of credit insurance:



The cofaCE partner network

An international network of partners

Coface embarked upon developing its worldwide network in 1992 bringing together private companies and public institutions from the credit insurance, business information, debt collection and factoring sectors.


They share the common goal of developing, facilitating and underwriting B2B activity through the mutual provision of services, assisted by Coface's expertise.


The Coface Partner Network complements and strengthens Coface’s internal network and enables its clients to enjoy an even further expanded geographical coverage of our services. The network members contribute their knowledge of local economic conditions, which is implemented in accordance with the Group’s rules and is used in the Group’s IT applications

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