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What is Credit Insurance?

Protect your business from bad debt losses, in Australia and internationally.


  • Reduced risk of non-payment
  • Safer business growth;
  • Critical information about customers and prospects;
  • A powerful international network.
Credit insurance is an effective financial risk management tool that safeguards your company against losses arising from non-payment of trade debts and transactions on open accounts.
  • Protection for your receivables and the ability to monitor your risks in real-time
  • Growth with greater confidence by further extending credit lines
  • Access to our extensive credit information, including debtor risk assessments, credit opinions and more
  • Professionally handled collection of your unpaid invoices worldwide.



Some other popular names for Credit Insurance are:

  • Debtors Insurance
  • Export Insurance
  •  Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Bad Debt Insurance

Credit Insurance - Case Study


A Taiwanese plastic manufacturer has been expanding its export market globally. The manufacturer is successful in the industry because of strong quality control and research capability in new materials.

The company now exports to more than 300 customers in various industries across 11 countries. The financial controller is constantly faced with the problem of approving credit for these customers of whom he has limited knowledge and financial information. Conflicts with the sales department arise frequently on approving credit for new customers.


After a discussion with the Coface team, Coface delivers the manufacturer a credit insurance proposal with a very satisfactory result of credit limits of a number of its buyers, all except one potential customer in the United States. After several attempts, Coface still has no choice but to decline to provide cover for the US customer because of its late payment record in Coface’s database.


The US potential customer later files Chapter 11 insolvency. Although the manufacturer does not suffer from any losses, they immediately agree to sign the credit insurance policy with Coface. The company is reassured as Coface also adds a “manufacturing risk” component, which will cover the manufacturer against insolvencies which may arise prior to the delivery of the products.

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