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To become an authorised broker and offer our solutions to your clients, please provide: Business Trading Name, Address, Contact Names, ABN/CAN & AFSL number. Email this to au_info@coface.com or call us on (02) 8235 8600.

Products and Services to Meet Your Clients' Needs

We have a dedicated team who will help you and your clients evaluate and mitigate risk – making the right decisions at the right time. Whether you need Coface Trade Credit Insurance or our Collection Services you can be confident that we have the risk expertise and global footprint to best service you and your clients.
We provide our products and services through Specialist Trade Credit Insurance Brokers and General Insurance Brokers. We have a dedicated broker support team who will help you protect and secure your client’s business and help manage the policy.


We’ve taken the time to understand how different businesses operate and have created specific solutions to suit the needs for all businesses and sizes.
  • Recognising time and cost is important for SMEs: our online portal gives an immediate quote offering the most cost-effective way to protect a small business in just a few simple clicks
  • For mid-sized and global businesses we offer a tailored solution with a comprehensive cover
  • For clients looking to cover one-buyer or a large exposure we have a single-risk offering

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What does Coface Trade Credit Insurance Cover?

The non-payment of trade debts as a result of insolvency (e.g. administration, receivership, liquidation and bankruptcy) and/or Protracted Default. The policy can be tailored to also include cover for: political risks, disputed debts and advanced payments. For a full list of our additional options cover click here.

How can it support my client’s credit management?

We design our policies and processes to complement and support good credit management, providing further risk insight and allowing your clients to trade confidently. With our monitoring services via CofaNet your clients can see real time changes to their risk exposures and credit limits. Ask us for a demo of CofaNet here.

What information do you need to give me a quote?

We’ll ask you for the industry and the names and location of your client’s larger debtors, terms of payment, history of bad debts and credit control processes. For businesses with less than $5M turnover you can get an instant quote here.

How does my client lodge a claim?

You/your client will need to submit a Notification of Overdue Account (NOA) via CofaNet when their customer/debtor does not pay their invoices partially or in full at due date. You can access the CofaNet guide here.

How long does it take for claims to be paid?

In the case of insolvencies, claims will be paid 30 days from the receipt of the Confirmation of Debt. Protracted Default claims will be paid after the waiting period during which time we will take action to recover the debt for your client.  

How can Trade Credit Insurance help my client get financing?

To increase security for the bank, your client (policy holder) can include a “loss payee” endorsement which means the bank will be the beneficiary if a claim occurs. Adding a loss payee endorsement to the contract can be at any time at no additional cost.

Does Trade Credit Insurance have to cover the clients’ entire portfolio or can they select buyers?

Our experience of defaulting companies shows that even customers you think you know well can get into financial difficulty and stop paying invoices. We recommend that your client covers their entire portfolio of customers to reduce their risk. However, there are circumstances where you can tailor the policy to a selected group of customers. Contact our Specialist Underwriters for a tailored solution.

How does my client apply for a credit limit?

You and your client will be given access to CofaNet where you are able to apply for a credit limit by simply searching for the company and advising the amount you wish to trade. Our risk underwriters will assess the buyer, the industry and any other factors that make impact the risk and approve the limit in full or partial.

How do I appeal a credit limit for my client?

The decision on the credit limit can be accessed via CofaNet. In the instance of a partial or full rejection of a credit limit, refer to the comments/endorsement section where you can find the justification of the decision.  Send the requested information (such as financials, payment experience) to your Coface Account Manager to appeal the decision.