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    Cocoa: a deceptive fall in prices?

    After reaching an all-time high in April (USD 10,000/ton), a far cry from the highs of 2009 and 2011 (USD 3,700/t), cocoa prices fell back to USD 7,000/t once the Easter celebrations were over. However, they remain three times higher than a year ago, and are set to stay there. The rise in cocoa bean prices, which can be partly explained by a frenzy of speculation on the markets, also reflects a shortage of supply, which is problematic in the medium term.

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    The proliferation of coups d'état in Africa: towards a new, more unstable era?

    In July and August 2023, coups d'état took place in Niger and Gabon, putting the spotlight back on this type of event. Looking at the evolution of coups d'état worldwide from 1950 to the present day, we observe that there has been a greater concentration of coups in Africa since the early 2000s, a trend that has been particularly confirmed over the last five years.

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    How trade credit insurance helps your SME to grow?

    When granting payment terms to their commercial partners, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not always aware of the risks involved. Find out how Coface's trade credit insurance solutions help you avoid the risk of non-payment so that you can grow with complete confidence.

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    What is political risk and how is it impacting commercial credit?

    With the reshaping of the world order, the rise of (geo)political risk and the climate emergency, political risk is back in the spotlight, with its inevitable economic impact on world trade and businesses. How can we protect ourselves effectively? We take a closer look at this ever-more closely monitored risk.

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    5 false facts about Trade Credit Insurance

    "Trade credit insurance is too expensive and doesn't cover my needs" ; "Managing credit risk is an obstacle to my business development", or "I have financial resources to cover any unpaid invoices!" Have you ever had one of these thoughts? Re-examining stereotypes about TCI might be useful, particularly in an environment where claims experience is accelerating and the risk of bad debts is growing.

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