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Coface launches an innovative offering for SMEs: EasyLiner

Coface launches an innovative offering for SMEs: EasyLiner
Recognising that a quarter of bankruptcies are linked to unpaid invoices, Coface is introducing an innovative solution targeted at SMEs, the key drivers of economic growth worldwide. 

Particularly vulnerable to the consequences of unpaid invoices; small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also the least protected, as shown in a report from the French General Inspectorate of Finance on inter-company credit  shows. 


Because of this, Coface has developed a tailored SME offering with two aims in mind: protection and accessibility. EasyLiner provides quality cover adapted to the needs of SMEs, as well as an easy subscription process, leaving businesses free to concentrate on their core business.

For a fixed price, EasyLiner is a simple turnkey policy, including:

  • monitoring that gives SMEs information on the quality of their customers in order to limit the risk of unpaid invoices,
  • collection of unpaid invoices
  • rapid indemnification in case of a claim. 

Coface has also developed a completely new way of subscribing to credit insurance policies online. Eligible SMEs will be able to configure online the insurance protection that is most suited to their needs. In just a few minutes, businesses can put in place protection against unpaid invoices, and if they wish, speak to an advisor from the integrated hotline. 

"We know that SMEs need to be able to concentrate on running and growing their business, in a climate of trust. They need solid insurers who bring them stability by protecting them against unpaid invoices. With EasyLiner, Coface’s objective is to provide protection against unpaid invoices to SMEs everywhere in the world. Coface has already launched this product in other parts of the world and we are proud to be offering it in Australia now”. says Rachel Filipov, Marketing & Communications Manager at Coface in Australia.

Innovation has been at the heart of the Group’s strategy since 2011. Coface has advanced its offerings significantly since the end of 2012 with the launch of TopLiner, which has been well-received by the market. Several product launches are scheduled this year. The group’s policy of innovation is based on an intense rhythm of new product and service introductions as well as constant improvements to existing offerings in the coming years.



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