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For Global Companies

Multi-country credit insurance to protect multinationals

CGS offers real-time access to local monitoring, improving visibility and global monitoring for trade receivables. It allows multinational companies to:

  • increase operating performance in managing their commitments;
  • optimize cash flow and the management of their balance sheet’s bottom line;
  • secure their commercial risks even further;
  • facilitate the developing and setting up of management strategies for their trade receivables;
  • support commercial development internationally.


Coface Global Solutions (CGS) has been designed to meet the specific needs of multinational clients. It is a special solution for managing large international accounts. With Coface's direct presence in 66 countries, CGS provides with a global view of trade risks to the international groups.


For each client, Coface Global Solutions deploys a Program Leader who works very closely with local teams that are specifically dedicated to a multinational companies.


Since CGS was launched, it has already won market confidence and support from our brokers and blue-chip multinational clients from a wide range of industry sectors. At Coface, we constantly enhances and invests in CGS to ensure that it meets the needs of our valued clients.


Coface global solutions
  • Continuous support at headquarters and in your subsidiaries by a dedicated team as well as local services available in 99 countries
  • Attractive purchasing conditions due to substantial pooled resources
  • An overall view of your customer risks and optimized control of your subsidiaries
  • Access to very precise and easy-to-use management applications such as the CGS Dashboard


  • Analyse And Report
  • Visualize And Organize Your Portfolio
  • Steer Your Strategy


Coface Dashboard is user-friendly, fast and clear online business intelligence tool. It enables you to oversee your consolidated CGS program and monitor your individual policies, from recent activity and acceptance rates to temporary decisions and submitted claim files. This, makes it easy to anticipate changes in cover levels and discuss important developments with other stakeholders across the organization.
It is the market's most modern IT platform for online analysis of trade receivable risks. It transforms risk indicators into meaningful and actionable insight and enables your teams to use relevant data to make wise business decisions.

Global Credit Insurance - Case Study

Delivers a valuable service…

A Japanese holding company operates a worldwide electronics network consisting of 35 subsidiaries and approximately 100 sales offices.


The holding company is decentralised, allowing its subsidiaries to purchase their own credit insurance policies. Six months ago, the Chief Financial Officer of the holding company was introduced to the “Coface Global Solutions” program which three of its subsidiaries were already using. Very interested in the data available on the customer portfolio provided by its “CGS Dashboard”, the Chief Financial Officer conducted a global credit insurance review. This review found that by increasing its expenditure by 23%, the company could cover 100% of its sales instead of just 56% as was previously the case.


Through the implementation of the ‘CGS Dashboard’ in all of its subsidiaries, the company identified cumulative commitments thus far unknown to management on the subsidiaries of a number of company clients. They were in some cases operating under historical names with no direct connection to the name of the parent company. The decision was made to include an in depth analysis in the next annual report, distinguishing between the insured and residual risk components. The Chief Financial Officer was confident that their shareholders, who pay close attention to working capital risks in this business, would appreciate this key information.